Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour

Caddy Policy


Participants in all age groups are encouraged to have a caddie to help them play their best golf in our one-day events. Players in the 11 and under age division are strongly encouraged to have a caddie. The caddie must be at least 15 years of age and preferably have some understanding of the rules and etiquette of the game of golf.


Caddies are not coaches and must refrain from over-coaching the player for whom they are caddying. They must either carry the player’s bag or utilize a pull cart. They may not just walk along as a companion. It is the caddie's duty to help the player play each shot within the allotted period of time, which is defined as being no more than 40 seconds to play a shot. After giving short answers to questions, caddies should step away while the shot is played. We play Ready Golf!


Allowing a caddie is a special component of our tour and should be treated as a privilege! At no time may the caddie offer on course instruction to a player.


May not step onto tee boxes, and

May not step onto greens to tend the flag stick or help players read their putts
May at all times speak words of encouragement, especially after a poor shot!
May not at any time show discouraging behavior or utter disparaging remarks.
Exception: One caddie may tend, remove and replace the flag stick for the players to help with pace of play.
Failure to adhere to these policies may allow a tour official to first issue a warning, and then a two-stroke penalty.


Caddies may not ride in carts, but must walk with the players at all times and are subject to the same Cart Policy as the players.


If a caddie becomes disruptive they will be warned of the problem. If the issue continues, the caddie will be dismissed as a caddie from the event and may not caddie on the Tour for the remainder of the year. Caddie conduct will be monitored by tour officials and the other players and caddies in the group. The Tour Director will have the final decision on any incidents that occur.


Be aware that a rules violation by a caddie is the same as if the player violated the rule. Ask a rules official if in doubt.
Please enjoy the attached Caddie Manual developed by the WGA for details on how to become a better caddie! Remember, that our caddie rules are a little different than the rules referenced in the manual: Caddie Manual