Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour

Next events:

Sandestin Junior Classic - September 25-26 at Sandestin Links

35th Eglin Junior Classic - October 24th at Eglin GC (Falcon Course)

FWB Junior Classic and Skills Contest-Stableford Scoring - November 7th at Fort Walton Beach GC (Oaks Course)

Lost Key Junior Classic - November 20-21 at Lost Key Golf Course 



Note: Our points have been updated.

A division must have three participants in order for its participants to receive points. Also, only our 18-hole groups receive points for standings. 


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The mission of the Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour is to enable junior golfers to gain local tournament playing experience and allow them to become the best golfers they can be while competing for points and exemptions for larger tournaments. Above all, we hope our golfers grow to love the game while learning the many life lessons the game offers.


The Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour offers events along the gulf coast in Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, Dothan (Alabama), Enterprise (Alabama) and other locations in Northwest Florida. 


We will be practicing certain social distancing procedures to protect our golfers during these events. Details will be shared at each event. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about our tour. Feel free to contact us at:


Or, you can text or call 678-994-3367.



The Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour was started to enable our junior golfers to gain regular local tournament playing experience and allow them to become the best golfers they can be. Above all, we hope they learn to love the game.

2020 Spring Championship at Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club
1 yr ago
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Upcoming Events
Sandestin Junior Classic
September 25-26
Sandestin Resort - The Links
Sandestin, FL
Come play the original course of Sandestin-The Links! This tournament is a two-day, Junior Golf Scoreboard-ranked event. The course offers many risk reward opportunities as golfers enjoy the views of Choctawhatchee Bay.
35th Eglin Junior Classic
October 24
Eglin Golf Course - Falcon
Niceville, FL
Play where the pros and many other local legends have played! We return to Eglin (Falcon Course) for the 35th Eglin Jr. Classic! Our overall girls and overall boys champions will be featured on the Champions Board in the Eglin clubhouse.
FWB Classic and Skills Contest-Stableford scoring
November 7
Fort Walton Beach Golf Club - Oaks
Fort Walton Beach, FL
We will use a Modified Stableford Scoring System for this event. The golfers will receive 8 points for Double Eagle, 6 points Eagle, 4 points for Birdie, 2 points for Par, 1 point for Bogey and 0 points for double bogey or worse. The course will be set-up for scoring! We will pl
Lost Key Junior Classic
November 20-21
Lost Key Golf Club
Pensacola, FL
This is a joint event at Lost Key GC with the Jimmy Green Tour! This two-day event will be ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard for qualifying divisions.
Latest Results
42nd Marvin Debolt Daily News Junior Challenge
July 14-15
Boys 16-18
Lee. E (-6)
Smith. T (-4)
Rigdon. B (-3)
Boys 14-15
Duvall. B (+4)
Piver. M (+17)
Perkins. T (+19)
Girls 15-18
Scotka. A (+1)
Hock. J (+13)
Girls 12-14
Kunkel. A (+15)
Lux. C (+28)
Payne. M (+37)
Boys 12-13
Viator. E (+15)
Scharf. E (+27)
Baxter. B (+36)
Boys 10-11
Srikittipraphat. B (+3)
Lee. D (+5)
Sanders. M (+23)
Girls 10-11
Burt. M (+6)
Surf 'N Turf Challenge at the RTJ at Highland Oaks
July 10-11
Boys 16-18
Hughes. M (+2)
Moye. B (+3)
Hundley. J (+4)
Boys 14-15
Perkins. T (+13)
Van Pelt. B (+20)
Moore. D (+36)
Girls Diamond (5200-5800 yards)
Goodman. S (+13)
Kight. A (+30)
Girls Ruby (4800-5200 yards)
Kight. N (+16)
Harrison. V (+36)
Boys 12-13
Touchstone. B (+42)
Baxter. B (+47)
Walsh. C (+64)
Girls Emerald (3200-3600 yards)
Settle. E (+34)
Proffitt. D (+37)
Benton. A (+52)
Boys 10-11
Yang. A (+6)
Goodman. G (+22)
Settle. E (+25)
Bay Point Junior Classic
June 27
Boys 16-18
Doss. A (+9)
Dye. H (+9)
Harbison. J (+10)
Boys 14-15
Stokes. R (+15)
Stringfellow. C (+16)
Moore. D (+21)
Girls 15-18
Maraman. P (E)
Polanin. S (+12)
Holtz. I (+13)
Girls 12-14
Goodman. S (+9)
Young. K (+10)
Kight. A (+17)
Boys 12-13
Lee. C (+3)
Trawick. P (+6)
Dismuke. F (+9)
Boys 10-11
Lee. D (E)
Yang. A (+3)
Robley. C (+5)
Girls 10-11
Kight. N (+5)
Benton. A (+25)
Boys 8-9
Tate. W (-1)
Anderson. J (+8)
D'Isernia III. B (+9)
Girls 8-9
Settle. E (+10)
Current Rankings
Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour
2021 Season
As of 6/8/2021 2:27:02 PM
Boys 16-18
1 - McFatter. R
2 - Ables. T
3 - Long. K
4 - Fossum. T
5 - Lee. E
Boys 14-15
1 - Van Pelt. B
2 - Moye. B
3 - Perkins. T
4 - Doss. A
5 - Stringfellow. C
Boys 12-13
1 - Lee. C
2 - MacGregor. E
3 - Roeder. N
4 - Gutierrez. T
5 - Moore. D
Girls 15-18
1 - Johnson. M
2 - Scotka. A
3 - Maraman. P
4 - Seiffer. C
5 - Hock. J
Girls 12-14
1 - Kight. A
2 - Goodman. S
3 - Kunkel. A
4 - Young. K
5 - Waldo. J
Girls 13-14
T1 - Benoit. I
T1 - Kunkel. A
T3 - Rich. C
T3 - Kight. A
5 - Young. K